How to watch movies and TV shows overseas like in India, Australia, USA, etc.? Due to the geographical restrictions, many domestic formal websites such as Youku, iQiyi and so on will prompt "cannot play due to the geographical restrictions", which is really heart-breaking. Here we list some overseas film and television websites where you can watch all kinds of movies, mainland TV series, variety shows and so on for free. Enjoy the movie.

Why should we watch Chinese movie websites? No membership required, fast update, Chinese subtitles, no ads or few insert ads. Rich film sources, provides a variety of film and television genres including: action, comedy, romance, science fiction, horror, crime film and so on, almost all film and television classification.

Overseas watching movies and TV series, speed is the key.

YouTube also has a lot of movies, but not recommended, because the free version of the movie after a few minutes to insert ads, constantly interrupted, and resources are not full, some of them have no Chinese, can not watch unless paid.

Here is a special recommendation of the nivod, this website page clean, provide the latest and most complete film and television resources, online play is very smooth, no delay. And it's completely free and ad-free.

These film and television website resources are more complete, if you want to watch a show, you can search in the following film and television website, if you can't find, you can use Baidu or Google search, click on those can play on the line. But many of these sites are hosted on the mainland and slow to load overseas. Consider using one that supports accelerated domestic video. First, it can speed up video playback and climb over the wall to watch the latest film and television resources in mainland China. The second is to protect their own safety, from copyright party trouble. The following VPN are recommended:(回国翻墙

GoLink Return Accelerator(翻墙vpn

GoLink return accelerator has simple operation and simple interface. You only need to click one button to accelerate video playback and even games, and one button to unlock the region limit.

Steps to use GoLink Accelerator:

  1. Select the client you need to download, Android/ios/windows/mac for multi-terminal acceleration, one software can solve multiple problems.
  2. After login/registration, select Application Mode/Game Mode, and then click the button to accelerate.

GoLink can not only speed up audio and video software, but also various video software, game software, and web pages. One piece of software can satisfy various inconveniences of living abroad.

More power features: